This module, fully integrated with our AB Flights Schedule Solution, can act as a stand-alone module that integrates with your operational software system.

AB ACARS enhances visibility and management of aircraft communications links and ACARS message content for Airlines that want to reduce their data link costs by choosing light solutions like SITA Aircom Service.

It provides a full parse of the following standard messages:

  • OOOI messages
  • DFD messages
  • POS messages
  • ALERT messages
  • PILOT TEXT messages
We can easily map tailored messages if you have.
If connected to your operational software, it can match ACARS to your schedule flight and provide a powerful graphics flight schedule interface.

AB ACARS integrates two additional modules:

  • AB TRACK: by using OOOI and POS messages informations, your flight can be easily track on a worldwide geographical map.
  • AB EMAIL SERVICE: set desired filtering parameters on acars messages type and disseminate them through your Company.