AB Fuel

This module, fully integrated with our AB Flights Schedule Solution, can act as a stand-alone module that integrates with your operational and accounting software systems.

  • Reduces the risk of human error providing analysis and control on fuel data input.
  • Provides detailed fuel analysis per route/aircraft type/ aircraft reg/suppliers.
  • Forecasts fuel quantities and costs for scheduled flights.
  • Checks quantities and costs by importing suppliers EDI format invoices or by interfacing your Account System.
  • Provides Cost Index calculation and publication per fleet-airport pair.
AB FUEL integrates two additional modules:

  • ETS Quick Module let you forecast and calculate actual CO2 emissions for all flights operated under the EU Emissions Trading System.
  • Fuel Policy Module can easily import data from your OFP System (such as JetPlan and Lido) and compare planned against actual fuel figures providing detailed analysis.
AB FUEL can be easily interfaced with most of EFB platform for actual fuel data retrieving.