AB Flight Report

This module, fully integrated with our AB Flights Schedule Solution, can act as a stand-alone module that integrates with your operational software system.

AB Flight Report analyses scheduled and actual flights producing detailed informations per period:

  • Scheduled Block Hours vs Actual Block Hours per aircraft type, flight nr or Departure-destination pair.
  • Stick Hours.
  • Taxy in/out times.
  • Scheduled vs Actual Turnaround times.
  • Full delay report analysis per fleet/route/airports/delay groups.
Performance report:

  • Cancelled flights.
  • Delayed flights on departure/arrival.
  • Passengers transported vs Seats offered.
  • ‘Early’ arrivals.
AB Flight Report builds several KPI in order to compare actual performances with Company historical trends.
AB Flight Report can also be interfaced to AB EMAIL SERVICE to automatically spread daily report to the Management.