AB Flight Schedule

AB Flight Schedule is a software tool built to manage Airlines fleet.

From the smallest to the largest fleet.

It is user friendly and easy to use and thru its graphic tool AB Flight Viewer gives immediate evidence to where the Company Fleet is displayed and helps to find immediate solution to commercial and operational problems.

AB Flight Schedule can be used in medium, long term commercial and technical planning and also as operational module as "all-in-one" solution software.

The different departments will be able to work independently and separately, if necessary, thru the set up of rights and time frame defined internally from the management of the Airline, so that, in connection with the different user, it will be possible to have access to commercial schedule in modification, consultation, reporting or if defined by management to have no access at all.

AB Flight Schedule will allowed Commercial department to build and save different scenario and check fleet production and efficiency thru different reporting tools. AB Flight Schedule will check that the necessary performance data are available in the Database for each single aircraft in connection with requested City Pairs and if not the concerned department will need to insert and approve flight times and any limitation as airport curfew and payload limitation. There are more than 3.000 airport inserted in the Airport Database and as it is fully integrated with the AB Slot Manager module it will be possible to check SHL for each single coordinated Airport in order not to loose Historical slot. Once the programme will be approved by the Commercial department all the SLOT management will be controlled with the AB Slot Manager module thru SITA, AIRINC, Email or Messaging system in use in the Company.
AB Flight Schedule can manage codeshare operation and it will be possible to display in AB Flight Viewer both Operator and Marketing Carrier flight numbers.

Technical planning department will be able to check hours and cycle programmed for each single aircraft in order to be able to insert necessary Technical stoppage in the AB Flight Viewer module for each aircraft when needed.

Navigation/Technical Department will be able to control flight times for the necessary city pair and related aircraft type. It will be possible to define and make necessary reporting for what is present on board the each aircraft as far as Take-off performance data, approach charts, special briefing linked to aircraft type and airport to be used.

AB Flight Schedule in connection with AB Flight Viewer is an incredible powerful tool since allows immediate view of potential operational/commercial problems and help find solution. All necessary Records in connection the flight schedule can be traced tracked and stored. This is very useful when heavy disruption occurs in order to check what was the original flight scheduled.
AB Flight Schedule in connection with AB Flight Viewer gives Operations department the possibility to easy modify the flight programme in order to minimize delays, flight disruption as diversions, cancellations, extra landing and more. Aircraft swap thru drag and drop tool is easy as two clicks. Flight hours and cycle calculation is worth one click. All necessary information is available thru a period from few hours to 6 month or more for the whole fleet.
AB Flight Schedule in connection with AB Flight Viewer allows Operations department to build report with all necessary information to be disseminate to internal and external department as daily programme to be sent daily to all concerned.

User Friendly logic has been implemented and set up for all necessary Archive needs. Aircraft document will be available with a simple double click on the related Aircraft Registration in the AB Flight Viewer module, all related document as PNL managed by fully integrated AB PNL will be available by double click on the related segment of the flight concerned and thru the same module passenger number will be download and will be visible in the AB Flight Viewer module.

AB Flight Schedule can be integrated with main GDS tools in order to check that what is inserted in the Flight Scheduled/Viewer match with what is inserted in the GDS system. If not necessary warning can be set up.

One of our aims is to give to Airlines the possibility to have the necessary flight information and data available as soon as possible. AB Flight Schedule is fully integrated with AB ACARS module in order to have all necessary data available as soon as possible, to process the data only one time and have them available to the different department that needs to extrapolate, process, and build necessary reporting from this data.

The interface between AB Flight Schedule and the new technologies as IPad, IPhone but also android tablets and smartphones is available and can be implemented for this purpose.